Our mission is to transform your organisation and products into human centric, service driven and future proof organisms, backed by the bleeding edge of intelligent and decentralised technology and strong teams.

We support you as integrated part of your structure to ensure transformational ideas will scale from paper to reality.

Our services run deep and are backed by decades of experience in integrated design innovation, product development and stretching technological possibilities, from start-ups to large scale enterprise.


Founded in 1999 by Marco Bahn, Christian Gangel and Daniel Fort, LAB75 is running various studios across Europe. The workforce consists of an international multidisciplinary team covering all aspects of an integrated industrial design process.

A variety of long term partnerships with collaborating design and software engineering studios as well as mechanical engineers and production facilities for real world products complete our external network and reflect our focus on rapidly evolving goods and environments.

This diversity also mirrors our clients, for whom we realise products from ideation to production and marketing as well as their virtual representation, rendering the digital world a major part of our business.

Ideation + Strategy

Strategic development as part of the design process is fundamental for success. Our team has decades of experience from ideation to operation. As an integrated partner we help you to identify potentials and threats of ideas. 

The broad network of industry contacts we share will support their progression. For us, design is about defining clear and achievable targets and pave the path towards accomplishing them by continuous measurement. A complete process: As a think tank we identify and design the business model, as the LEAN SWAT team we start to realise it.

Aesthetics + Computation Labs

LAB75 is active in various cutting edge design and computational disciplines, creating an integrated approach to resolve modern demands on product design and connected software solutions.

We achieve precise results first of all through the experience of our teams utilising advanced research, conception and prototyping techniques, which are preliminary to the realisation of a product and contribution to its ongoing development.

Therefore knowing about cutting edge technology and differentiation to those practical in everyday use is key to success but not enough:  

Our research and development teams cover disciplines as psychology, computational neuroscience, physics as well as traditional arts and design.

Following our integrated approach we have developed several state of the art projects in areas of data science, automotive, gaming and communities as well as social networking, marketing and many more.

Industrial Design + Production

LAB75 created a variety of successful products for fashion, sports, apparel, lifestyle and automotive markets. Skilled designers and engineers support you transforming your ideas to production: Efficiently.