LAB75 was founded in 1999 as a studio for digital and analog product design, audio and visuals. It was initiated by Marco Bahn, Christian Gangel and Daniel Fort in Frankfurt am Main and evolved over two decades into a strategic advisory for startups and enterprises from a variety of industries around the globe.

Traditional craftsmanship is in our core as well as solving complex problems in business and product architecture, design and engineering.

With a proven history in aesthetics and computation reaching back to the early days of 8-bit computing and digital arts, our partners still benefit from this manifold knowledge.


Future will obviously bring more technology assisted business models, rendering a vast amount of currently established intermediaries void and increasing efficiency and transparency — when done right.

Beyond current business models, reflecting on the current state of your value proposition is needed to take required action.

We need to answer questions, like How will customers use my product and service in the future? Do they even need it? What do I need to change to adopt to this new situation? How do I build my product? How can I reduce time to market and let market insight drive innovation and evolution of my product?

Part of our vision is, to enable and empower your team to create better, more efficient and evolutionary products — with a measurable success.

An iterative product and customer lifecycle with strong design and technology: Successful products built for the future.